January 27, 2015

David Bentley Hart - Christianity and Its Fashionable Enemies

Title: David Bentley Hart - Christianity and Its Fashionable Enemies. Source: ObjectiveBob. Date Published: March 6, 2013. Description:
David Bentley Hart is an Eastern Orthodox theologian, philosopher, and patristics scholar. Hart was educated at the University of Maryland, the University of Cambridge and the University of Virginia. He has taught at the University of Virginia, the University of St. Thomas (Minnesota), Duke Divinity School, and Loyola College in Maryland.

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams described David Bentley Hart as "a theologian of exceptional quality, but also a brilliant stylist."

Reviews of Hart's "The Beauty of the Infinite":

"I can think of no more brilliant work by an American theologian in the past ten years." -- William C. Placher

"This magnificent and demanding volume should establish David Bentley Hart . . . as one of his generation's leading theologians." -- Geoffrey Wainwright