January 31, 2015

Competition Between Taliban And ISIS Grows, As ISIS Expands Its Presence In Af-Pak Region

The blind leading the blind . . . 

The Taliban grew out of U.S., Saudi, and Pakistani support for terrorists in Afghanistan.

ISIS (or Daesh) grew out of U.S., Saudi, Israeli, and Turkish support for terrorists in Syria.

The U.S., Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel, and Pakistan now say that they are genuinely fighting the vicious terrorist groups that they created, but reality says otherwise. 

An excerpt from, "Mullah Omar is a fool and illiterate warlord, al-Baghdadi says" Khaama Press, January 29, 2015:
The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) chief Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi has called the Taliban supreme leader Mullah Mohammad Omar a fool and illiterate warlord. 
Al-Baghdadi has said that Mullah Omar does not deserve a spritual or political credibility, according to a report by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty which cited reports by the Times.
An excerpt from, "ISIS Recruiter And Former Guantanamo Bay Prisoner Captured By Taliban In Afghanistan" by Alessandria Masi, International Business Times, January 29, 2015:
Mullah Abdul Rauf Khadim is only 33, but he’s already been in the Afghan and Pakistani Taliban, detained at Guantanamo Bay, released from prison, become a recruiter for the Islamic State group and, on Wednesday, reportedly captured by the same group that launched his jihadist career. 
The Taliban in Afghanistan’s southern Helmand province captured Khadim, along with 45 other suspected ISIS members, a Taliban commander told the Afghan news website Pajhwok. The move signals growing tension in the country between the Taliban and ISIS, jihadist groups pursuing the same agenda in theory, but in practice pitted against each other by the recent ISIS proclamation of an “Islamic State” in Afghanistan too, as well as Syria and Iraq. 
ISIS claims primacy over other Sunni extremist groups and hopes to absorb them. Many groups have, either through force or convenience, already pledged allegiance to self-appointed ISIS Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. However, as ISIS ramps up expansion outside of Iraq and Syria, it has met some powerful opposition, like Yemen's al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula -- and recently the Taliban.