December 10, 2014

You Can Keep Your Money, EU Jackasses, Just Stop Funding ISIS Terrorists

For ISIS's immoral and criminal leaders, money has no religious significance, so they're more than willing to take Kafir (infidel) money if the price is right. They're more of a criminal enterprise, with links to many intelligence agencies, both regional and Western, than a serious religious movement that seeks the reform of Sunni Muslim states.

An excerpt from, "EU announces $12.3 million in aid for Syrian civilians in Turkey, Syria" Al-Akhbar, December 9, 2014:
The European Union on Tuesday announced 10 million euros ($12.3 million) in new humanitarian aid for Syrian civilians in Turkey and Syria. 
“Today, we are stepping up our assistance to the people of Syria and to the Turkish communities hosting Syrian refugees,” EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said in a statement.
How much money has the EU saved by buying Syrian oil cheaply and illegally from ISIS's terrorist smuggling networks? Billions? They have essentially served as ISIS's bankers.

Speaking of bankers, there are bankers in Europe who wipe their asses with 10 million euros, so this so-called humanitarian aid is an insult to the refugees and to Syria in general. Talk about kicking people while they are down.

The pathetic EU officials who came up with this number can think they're humanitarians all they want if it helps them to sleep better at night, but no one in Syria and among the gigantic refugee population believes that.