December 30, 2014

Was The Peshawar School Attack A False Flag Black Op By The ISI, Blackwater, And The CIA?

For documentation, background info, and details of the Peshawar school attack check out Aangirfan's post from December 18 called, "Security Services Did Peshawar School Massacre." 

There are many interesting things in that post that the media hasn't reported on, like the fact that there was a first aid drill going on prior to the attack. Also, the army and police arrived late to the scene of the crime despite the building being a highly valued military school where Pakistani officers send their children. Those two details immediately raise suspicion about this attack.

The first thing we should keep in mind is that there are no saints in this war, so anybody who operates in Peshawar and the larger war theatre in Pakistan and Afghanistan could be responsible for this heinous attack on military school children. Everyone deserves scrutiny, from the Pakistani state to the CIA.

The ISI, CIA, Blackwater, and you could throw the MI6 and Mossad in there as well since they're always up to no good in that region, are all bad actors that engage in brutal attacks on civilians, especially women and children in crowded markets, as part of psyop operations. In massive attacks like Peshawar, and 9/11 also falls into this category, the burden of proof always falls on the state.

Within hours of the Peshawar attack both the Pakistani media and the world media blamed the Pakistani Taliban. No questioning was allowed to occur.

These are the same media outlets that still tell us that Osama bin Laden attacked America on 9/11 without providing any hard evidence, and that Bin Laden died in Abbottabad in 2011 without providing any hard evidence.

So whatever they say about this attack must be thrown out the window as political propaganda. At this point, the Taliban has more credibility than them.

There are many theories out there about this attack, and others like it, which is completely natural since the world has been lied to many times before about terrorist attacks.

One question we should ask ourselves is what does the Pakistani Taliban have to gain by attacking school children and thereby attract the fury and vengeance of the Pakistani public?

The answer is nothing.

The Pakistani Taliban are in a psychological and propaganda war with the Pakistani state, who they view as treacherous and un-Islamic, whether rightly or wrongly, so the last thing they would do is commit a foolish act like attacking defenceless children and turn the people of Pakistan against their ambitions and vision for Pakistan.

The Pakistani Taliban consider Shiites, Christians, and so many others as infidels. They probably consider people who don't tie their shoelaces the proper Islamic way as infidels worthy of hellfire. They are very aggressive and barbaric fighters who seek to create a vast Islamic state that stretches across many countries.

So the Pakistani Taliban doesn't deserve public defending. But, they also don't deserve public hanging in this particular case based on no evidence. It is wrong to attribute a crime to somebody that they did not commit, especially a crime of this scale and magnitude.

The Pakistani Taliban are led by people with a narrow and limited mindset, but within that narrow and limited mindset they are very logical and rational. And attacking children when they are engaged in a war for public opinion in Pakistan is not rational or logical. To better understand the motivations of Taliban fighters, watch this Taliban scholar take a Pakistani army officer to school.

Another important detail is that Peshawar is known to be CIA and Blackwater territory. This is their neck of the woods. Five years ago, Hakimullah Mehsud, leader of the Pakistani- Pashtun Movement in Pakistan, "blamed the controversial American private firm Blackwater [Xe Services] for the bomb blast in Peshawar which killed over 117 [Pakistani] people, local news agency NNI reported" (Source). Mehsud was assassinated by the CIA on November 1, 2013.

If Blackwater were capable of committing a terrorist attack in the past in Peshawar, they're capable of doing it at present. But it's unlikely that they committed this crime because according to numerous eyewitness accounts at the school the killers spoke a language that they did not understand, such as Uzbek.

This vicious attack was probably done by very cold-blooded foreign mercenaries who have no emotional and sentimental attachment to Pakistan or Pakistanis. No Pakistani is capable of killing his fellow Pakistanis in such a barbaric manner. This is just a guess.

Again, upon basic reflection, it does not make any sense why the Pakistani Taliban would do something so counter-productive like this. They haven't profited in any way from this tragedy, but their enemies have.

These aren't crazed maniacs who like killing kids for no reason, but seasoned fighters and men of war who want to accomplish their political and religious goals. They're not so stupid as to stab themselves in the foot and then walk around one-legged praising their deed.