December 16, 2014

Parallels of History

"The torture report notes that at least three detainees were threatened with harm to their families. Interrogators implied to Nashiri that his mother would be brought in front of him and sexually abused. The report also notes one detainee was told his mother’s throat would be cut. It is not clear which detainee this references." - Oliver Laughland, "How the CIA tortured its detainees" The Guardian, December 9, 2014.
"Roy Medvedev tells the following two stories from the Soviet experience:
Stanislav Kosior's. . . captors, unable to break him with torture, brought his sixteen-year old daughter into the room where the investigation was taking place and raped her before her father's eyes. Afterward Kosior signed the entire "confession," and his daughter, having been released from prison, committed suicide by throwing herself under a train.
When sadistic investigators in Butyrskaya prison did not obtain the testimony they needed from one Communist, they tortured him in front of his wife and then tortured her in front of him.
There were thousands of such stories." - Daniel Chirot, "Modern Tyrants: The Power and Prevalence of Evil in Our Age" 1994, Princeton University Press, p. 155.

It is said that history rhymes.

It is rhyming right now.

Anyone with eyes to see can see the parallels between the torture policies of the international-bankster owned Soviet empire and the international-bankster owned U.S. empire. Of course, the similarities don't end there.

Torture is a manifestation of political disease and weakness. Torture and tyranny always go together.

Tyranny by its very nature is politically fragile and ever on the edge of defeat and collapse. Torture, one among many forms of mass psychological intimidation, is one way of keeping the rebellious segments of the population in line. It is also a good way of securing politically useful testimonies that bolster the regime's narrative about its wars, its crimes, atrocities, and abuses.

Every modern ideologically rigid, and revolutionary regime takes it upon itself the moral authority to torture the undesirables, the dissidents, the demonized other.

Some regimes torture the innocent in the name of God, others do it in the name of freedom, or in the name of whatever motor that drives their boat.

Within tyrannical regimes you find oppurtunists, sadists, and psychopaths who rise and torture for pleasure. And they are always protected by the regime's benefactors and apologists because of their usefulness. Totalitarian regimes depend on human perversity and even encourage it.

The high amounts of pedophiles in the U.S. and U.K. establishments is not by accident. These regimes specialize in child abuse and its cover up, so torturing a few thousand Jihadists is the least of their crimes.

The victims of their torture won't always be Jihadists so those on the right who defend torture obviously have no clue what's in store for them. Otherwise, they would denounce torture as inhumane and evil.

The U.S. government is torturing Muslims today, but tomorrow the victims of torture will be Americans. This is a certainty if current trends are not stopped by an awakened and outraged public.

When the evil U.S. regime finds itself in a real crisis, it has all the tools and expertise to handle it. It takes one step to go from spying on a population to torturing it, and the folks in Washington are already halfway there.

Those who usurp power through terror, conspiracy, and deception and then subvert the morals, laws, and culture of the nation ultimately have no choice but to torture their critics and opponents to retain their ill-gotten power. The Communists in Russia and Islamists in Iran are history's most recent examples.

The Nazis were only in power in Germany for 12 years so the problem of retaining power in the face of national rebellion never surfaced for them. And when they were in power they served the German nation justly so they were popular.

The totalitarian regime in Israel doesn't apply in this case because its been torturing and oppressing Palestinians, not its own people. It too silences its dissenters very harshly, but there is only a few of them, plus they're mainly in the diaspora, so the Israeli regime has been fortunate.

Communist and Islamist rulers are unique because of the ideological nature of their regimes, and the fact that they're oppressing their own citizens. The Russian culture and Russian people suffered under Communism, as has the Iranian culture and the Iranian people under the Islamists.

To come back to the U.S. and its torture program. There is a reason the CIA is not torturing the Abu Baghdadis and Bin Ladens of the Muslim world. That's not what suits their interests. They're all about making the false legends of Jihad. They're arming them, funding them, guiding them, stroking their Jihadi egos, training their wide-eyed followers, and breathing life into their sick imaginations.

Instead of capturing and torturing the trained terrorists of ISIS, the evil U.S. regime is torturing the innocent and clueless villagers in nowhere Afghanistan who haven't even heard of the World Trade Center. They're too busy herding goats to watch the news.

That is the big crime here.

The big crime is not that torture took place in U.S. dungeons, but that the vast majority who were tortured were innocent.