October 3, 2014

The Monster They All Thought They Could Control: Using ISIS As A Means Has Already Backfired

"But Mohammed Askar, a Syrian teacher, said militants fired by religious zeal may be the only way to topple Assad.

“I know America and the Gulf countries see the Islamic state as terrorists, but they should not think that way,” Askar said.

“These are the people who can fight to get rid of Bashar, and after Bashar is gone I swear to you no one will want Islamic State. We are just using them.”" - "Haj Pilgrims Divided Over Islamist Militants" Voice of America, October 3, 2014.

"The leader of Iraq’s biggest tribe has refused to break his military alliance with the Islamist extremist group, Isis, saying he will march a hundred thousand men on Baghdad if Nouri al-Maliki, the Iraqi prime minister, does not step down.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Ali Hatem Suleimani distanced himself from Isis’s sectarian massacres but rejected demands that he break with the group and help form a united Sunni-Shia government." - Richard Spencer, and Carol Malouf, "We will stand by Isis until Maliki steps down, says leader of Iraq's biggest tribe" The Telegraph, June 29, 2014.

"In June, the Kurdish peshmerga didn’t fight IS when it seized Mosul and other Sunni areas of Iraq. In fact, leaders of the ruling Kurdish Democratic Party met secretly with Sunni tribal leaders allied with IS to work out a non-aggression agreement." - Reese Erlich, "10 Myths About Obama’s Latest War in Iraq and Syria" AntiWar.com, October 3, 2014.

"“The operations room was chaos,” recalls one Arab intelligence source. He says he warned a Qatari officer, who answered: “I will send weapons to al-Qaeda if it will help” topple Assad. This determination to remove Assad by any means necessary proved dangerous. “The Islamist groups got bigger and stronger, and the FSA day by day got weaker,” recalls the Arab intelligence source." - David Ignatius, "Foreign nations’ proxy war in Syria creates chaos" The Washington Post, October 2, 2014.
Syrian activists in Homs to Western intelligence officials in Paris to Sunni tribal leaders in Anbar all say the same thing when confronted about their support for the terrorist group ISIS, "Oh, we're only using these terrorists, when Maliki is gone we'll stop supporting them, when Assad steps down, we'll turn against them."

Do these 'cleverer-than-thou' imbeciles ever stop to think that ISIS's leadership has other ideas about the future of the region?

Such talk is delusional. Those who truly believe this nonsense suffer from self-deception. And they have proven to be liars on at least one occasion, because Maliki did step down, due to pressure from Shiite religious authorities, his own political party and social power base, and the Sunni tribal leaders are still supporting ISIS against the government.

One Syrian activist said, "after Bashar is gone I swear to you no one will want Islamic State. We are just using them."

LOL. Is that right? Keep believing that idiot.

It is not a matter of what this or what other Syrian activists want. No farmer wants the wolf to eat his flock, but guess what, that doesn't stop the wolf. And ISIS is a pack of bloodthirsty wolves.

ISIS imposes itself against its enemies with terror and force, and in a post-Assad Syria it will have way more power to do what it wants with these clueless Syrian activists who they regard as democracy-worshipping infidels.

Syrian activists and Sunni tribal leaders can delude themselves all they want about how they are just using these fanatical terrorists for their own political ends, but ISIS/ISIL/Daesh thinks differently. And it has more firepower, media power, and manpower than them so they will be able to accomplish their own radical vision for Syria, Iraq, and beyond.