September 16, 2014

U.S. Forming A Coalition And Building An Army In Saudi Arabia To Defeat ISIS Is Like A Pimp Getting Rid of Prostitution In A Whorehouse

Let's remember one thing as the Obama war machine gears up to attack Syria based on the pretext of fighting the terrorist group ISIS. As so many great commentators have pointed out over the years, from Dr. Paul Craig Roberts to Aaron Russo (RIP), the war on terror is, always has been, and always will be a racket.

The U.S. wants to police the Middle East until the end of time, and pose as tough-on-crime, but in order to sell that to the world they first have to create the crime. And ISIS is pretty good at that.

Mainstream voices who highlight the danger posed by ISIS in the fall of 2014---after the group took over cities in Iraq one after the other----where were they in 2013, 2012, and 2011, when so many in the global alternative media pointed out that the Syrian opposition was made up mostly of Jihadist terrorists? They were silent, and their silence partly explains why ISIS was able to grow under the radar to the potent force it is today.

The mainstream media, stations like CNN and Al Jazeera, protected ISIS and gave them the cloak of invisibility. They aided ISIS. Let's never forget that, and endlessly repeat it, because our memories are not short, despite what the criminal U.S. government would have us believe.

ISIS should've and could've been easily stopped in 2011 and 2012 if the mainstream media hadn't demonized Assad and instead reported events in Syria more truthfully. But it's a totally different ball game now.

War is the drug that has made ISIS powerful and strong, just as it made Israel strong after 1967, and America the world empire after 1945. ISIS wants war against America because it will attract even more radicals to its cause, and make it even more powerful.

Was the mainstream media unaware and uniformed about ISIS's brutality and barbarism in 2011 and 2012, when they were being pitched as the Free Syrian Army?

Of course not.

The CIA, who run the mainstream media, are pimps who allowed their ISIS whores to have fun in Syria, destroying its cities, churches, factories, hospitals, and schools. But all of a sudden they took off their pimp hat and put on their police cap.

Now they expect us to believe that they will get rid of them by helping to build a more "moderate" army in Saudi Arabia. This plan is ludicrous, and to make it worse they held their anti-ISIS conference in Paris of all places. France's leaders have supported ISIS in Syria against Assad along with the U.S. so they should be the last ones to lead an anti-ISIS campaign.

Marine Le Pen, president of the Front National, a political party in France, put it nicely in a speech made exactly one year ago, on September 15, 2013:
"All of America's international policies entail the arming green fascism. I'm referring to Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Both countries support international jihadists, feeding them with money, weapons. They support terror and war, not only in Syria but also in North Africa, in Afghanistan, or yesterday in Libya. And France, America's mistress, became the prostitute of these obese Emirs."
It's not just France. Germany also has its hands in Qatar's purse.

Video Title: Marine Le Pen: France is a Prostitute of Obese Emirs. Source: Monitor Mideast. Date Published: September 21, 2013. Description:
On September 15, 2013, Marine Le Pen slammed President Hollande and declared that after being America's mistress, France is now a prostitute of fat Arab Emirs from the Persian Gulf.