September 3, 2014

On Economic Support From U.S, NATO, And The European Union For The Islamic Terror State In Iraq And Syria

ISIS was murdering journalists in Syria for sport for three years, but nobody in the Western political establishment panicked, because it was all part of the plan. But when it beheaded two American journalists and publicized their deaths for maximum dramatic effect, everybody lost their minds.

The same Western political leaders who yesterday defended their policy of funding, training, and arming these terrorists against Assad are now supposedly leading the fight against them in Iraq. It would be hilarious if it weren't totally insane.

It's important to reflect on recent history, stretching back 36 months, and realize how the situation escalated to the point where a crazy group of no-name terrorists have announced a state in the middle of the Middle East's two most important river systems with the intention to march on Mecca in the very near future.

Without crucial economic support from the US and its allies, the EU, and NATO countries, especially Turkey, ISIS would be nowhere near where it is today. It is their baby, and now they want to disown it and throw it in the garbage. But this baby is walking, and talking, and pretty soon it will be an adult.

The US, its regional allies, the EU, and NATO established the economic foundation for the Islamic terror state in Iraq and Syria. They welcomed it and nurtured it, and now they expect us to believe that they will be the glorious and heroic ones who will wipe out this monstrosity from the face of the earth with a handful of airstrikes. LOL. Don't count on these terror-supporting states to do anything but support terrorism. A snake doesn't change.

The stupid among us will believe them, but those who understand the cynical game they have been playing since 9/11 know that ISIS is here to stay, and Washington wants it that way. Don't expect President Obama to assassinate the Caliph. Unless he dies of natural causes, like Osama bin Laden, he will be making speeches in Mecca very shortly.


An excerpt from, "EU decision to lift Syrian oil sanctions boosts jihadist groups" by Julian Borger and Mona Mahmood, The Guardian, May 19, 2013:
The EU decision to lift Syrian oil sanctions to aid the opposition has accelerated a scramble for control over wells and pipelines in rebel-held areas and helped consolidate the grip of jihadist groups over the country's key resources.
A former Syrian oil executive in the rebel-held areas said: "In the last few months, they seem to have figured a way to sell the oil supply across the lines from the rebels to government forces, through intermediaries trusted on both sides."

The former executive said the oil trade had spawned a growing demand for oil tanker lorries, as a single shipment could earn a profit of up to $10,000 (£6,600). He added that al-Nusra and other jihadist groups were using much of the money to win hearts and minds in areas they have captured, such as al-Raqqa city, which fell in March.

"If you look at what the money does in these places," he said, asking for his name not to be used because of the sensitivity of the issue. "It doesn't take a rocket scientist. You bring in flour, you repair the bakeries, so there are big smiles in the local community. It's an incredible marketing machine."
An excerpt from, "Turkey's exports jump to IS-controlled areas of Syria" by Gokhan Erkus, Al Monitor, September 2, 2014:
Turkey’s overall exports increased by 5.2% in the first eight months of the year while exports to Islamic State-controlled Syria increased by 57%. IS continues highly mobile, well-organized attacks without any logistics shortcomings. Turkey has boosted exports of vehicles and spare parts, clothing, durable foodstuffs, electronic items such as cellular phones and chemical products to the area IS controls.
Meanwhile the international media keeps on reporting that Turkey is supporting IS not only with its exports but also by buying IS oil.