August 22, 2014

Will IS Strike Willis?

The global 9/11 truth and justice community has been warning the world for over five years that a future false flag terror target in the United States to be blamed on a radical Islamist group is the Willis Tower in Chicago, formerly known as the Sears Tower.

MetLife Inc. sold the Willis tower to personalities connected to Larry Silverstein and the ownership of the WTC. A more disturbing fact is that the company responsible for Willis Tower's security is the same company that was in charge of the WTC's security on 9/11. So, there are enough reasons to be suspicious and on guard.

Recent reports say that ISIS or IS (Islamic State) might target Chicago as "revenge" for U.S. airstrikes in Iraq. This is very suspicious. It is obvious that the U.S. intelligence community is planting the seeds they want in the public mind, so that when they carry out their next terrorist attack in America in collaboration with Mossad the public will immediately point the finger at ISIS as the main culprit. This script pretty much writes itself. They're making it very obvious.

Connecting ISIS to Chicago and then staging a terror attack there is public brainwashing 101. But it will only have a chance of working if the CIA and Mossad actually go forward and commit a terror attack in Chicago, which shouldn't be out of the realm of possibility since they have already done so on numerous occasions in the past.

These evil bastards don't care if tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians die in one of their false flag terror attacks. And to them American blood is not more sacred than Muslim blood, so they commit false flags anywhere if it advances their sick agenda.

The biggest thing we should all be worrying about is a false flag nuclear event, a nuclear 9/11. Here is an excerpt from an article written three years ago:
The weeks, months and years ahead will be difficult not just for America but for the whole world. Sacrifices will be made. People will lose their minds. Depression and anxiety will continue to rise. A full breakdown of society and civilization will most likely occur. The shadow governments in Israel and America may kill more Americans to advance their hegemonic domination of the Middle East.
A Nuclear 9/11 is around the corner. The media has hyped it for years. Notice all the propaganda around you. Read the article, "A Nuclear 9/11?" that was published by the RAND Corporation on September 11, 2008. Read the article, "A Nuclear 9/11. It Could Happen," that appeared in Newsmax magazine. Read the article, "World ‘on brink of nuclear 9/11’ as Al Qaeda plans large ‘dirty’ bomb," that was published in The Daily Mail in February 2011. Read this New York Times Op-Ed by Nicolas D. Kristof called, "A Nuclear 9/11," that was published in March of 2004.
The idea of a "Nuclear 9/11" is in people's heads. Bringing it to reality is just a matter of technicality. Getting people familiar with the ideas of nuclear terrorism and total nuclear warfare is the tricky part, and that psychological hurdle has been crossed.
Obviously, Al-Qaeda won't be behind the nuclear 9/11. The Al-Qaeda brand lost its steam back in May 2011 when Obama lied and said he killed Bin Laden in Pakistan. A new Jihadi balloon had to be blown up.

A new terrorist enemy had to be created and rolled out, so after beheading innocent Syrians backstage for the last three years, ISIS finally made its entrance on the Western stage this summer. Their intelligence directors tried to portray them as the sideshow to the Syrian drama, but in this new act in the state-managed play they are the main characters.

There are claims that ISIS is getting its hands on dirty bombs and other dangerous material for future use in an American city like Chicago. But those are most likely scare stories.

As we've seen before, the real threat to life and property in a city like Chicago comes not from ISIS, but from the shadow U.S. and Israeli intelligence communities. They are the real evil agents who have the means, the will, the knowledge, and the motive to carry out monstrous terrorist attacks anywhere in the world, including in Chicago.

Is The Willis Tower Being Set Up For A False Flag Terror Attack? (June 2011).