August 8, 2014

Pawns of The Planet of The Apes: Return of The Last Caliph

Pictured: ISIS Jihadists rampaging across Iraq.

In the last two months northern Iraq has seen the mass exodus of ancient communities of Christians, Yezidis, and other religious minorities as the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham has swept across territory, facing little resistance.

A disastrous turn of events in the last week and a half around the Sinjar mountains in northwestern Iraq has caused an urgent humanitarian disaster and forced the Obama administration to act.

Critics say it is too little too late. The White House has not done anything to contain this fire, and instead has done everything to help spread it by providing weapons, funds, and training to ISIS Jihadists in Syria.

Regional governments that are allies of the US such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, and Jordan are more or less the godmothers of ISIS. They stood by as ISIS wreaked havoc in Syria for over three years, offering shelter, weapons, and money to the Islamic State. Turkey and the KRG shared an interest in driving the Kurdish YPG, an affiliate of the PKK, out of towns and cities in northeastern Syria, but their efforts were unsuccessful.

The Syrian Army, Hezbollah, and the YPG have heroically held back Wahabi and Salafi barbarian apes who make up the core of ISIS from flooding into Lebanon.

But the storm is gathering. No country can be sheltered from the madness that has been unleashed, not even America's biggest regional ally, Turkey. Saudi Arabia is busy hiring mercenaries to defend its territory. But they won't stand a chance. Ideological fanatics must be met with their equally die-hard counterparts, whether they be Shiite militiamen, Kurdish guerrillas, or Jewish nationalists. 

II. Pawns of The Planet of The Apes: Return of The Last Caliph

Below is a brief recap of the rise of ISIS in Iraq.