August 1, 2014

On "Kidnapped" Israeli Soldiers: Their Shit Stinks, Too

The USrahelli media is insane. The amount of totalitarian propaganda about the war against Gaza that is coming out of the US media and the President's own mouth is sickening.

Since when is taking prisoners of war on a battlefield a shocking development and a serious breach of international law? This is normal stuff that goes on in war. ISIS rounds up and executes Iraqi soldiers like it's nothing. Members of different rebel factions, groups, and the Syrian army are regularly taken in Syria. The capture of soldiers is only news when the Taliban manages to grab an American occupation soldier or Hamas gets lucky and takes an Israeli occupation soldier.

But, American and Israeli soldiers are no better than Hamas and Taliban fighters. That's the truth. And I hate the fundamentalists in Hamas and the Taliban, they're mostly the creations of the CIA and Mossad, but at least they're not occupying other peoples' lands and invading their homes based on false pretenses and outright lies.

Most Afghans hadn't even heard of 9/11, or the twin towers for that matter, they were informed of this tragedy by invading American soldiers who themselves were deceived into waging a criminal war on foreign territory.

Israel believes it exists on another planet. It is completely detached from reality. If it is going to attack other people and invade them then the IDF shouldn't go crying to mommy in Washington that their soldiers were taken while on a military operation on somebody else's land. These arrogant idiots think too highly of themselves. They need to be brought back down to earth. They need to be made to smell their own shit.

It's unfortunate that Hamas is the one doing it, but that Israel's own fault. In the past two decades it has done nothing but bolster Hamas at the expense of other, more moderate Palestinian groups, give al-Qaeda its biggest victory on 9/11 which strengthened global Islamist movements, and train members of the Islamic State in Syria. It even treated their wounded in Israeli hospitals and then sent them back into Syria to cause more damage.

Colonel Patrick Lang -  Gaza Cease Fire Diary - 1 August 2014:
Frank Luntz wrote a paper for his fellow Zionists a few years back. In this paper he specified the kind of language to be used in public utterance for the purpose of eliciting a conditioned response from the American public. For example Israeli PWs should always be described as having been "kidnapped," "abducted," or as being held "hostage." This trickiness is intended to create a mental image of innocent, indeed childlike IDF soldiers who have been victimized by criminals. This is clever. Today Martin Fletcher and Blinken from the NSC were all over Morning Joe using this language to describe an IDF soldier taken prisoner. Blinken demanded that Hamas release this "hostage. " At the same time the point is made that this "abduction" was perpetrated against a group of IDF engineers who were demolishing tunnels inside Gaza DURING THE CEASE FIRE. Lordy! Lordy! How dare the Hamasniks do such a thing! Have they never heard of the rules of Israeli Warfare?