August 3, 2014

Israeli Ambassador To America Equates Hamas With ISIS And Al-Qaeda

Hamas has more political credibility than Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu.

Ron Dermer, the Israeli ambassador to Washington, went onto NBC this morning and equated Hamas with ISIS. This is a familiar talking point. We often hear that "Hamas is like Al-Qaeda." 

We know the creation of Al-Qaeda can be credited to the CIA, Mossad, MI6, and Saudi Arabia, so the Israeli ambassador is putting his own government on public trial when he resorts to this stupid talking point to defend the indiscriminate killing of women and children in Gaza. If he were truthful he would be saying Hamas is like us. Or, better yet, Al-Qaeda is us.

Hamas and ISIS are nothing like each other.

Hamas is a Palestinian national resistance movement composed of Palestinians. Say what you want about their ideology and goals, I certainly don't agree with them, but there are no foreigners fighting in their ranks. They are fighting to recapture their land from occupiers, not to spread their religion on an unwilling people.

Hamas is not as extreme as the Israeli government would like us to think. It can be reasoned with. But Israel is not acting with reason.

ISIS (Islamic State of Israel and the States) is a transnational state-funded terrorist organization with a plethora of Jihadists who come from North Africa, Saudi Arabia, Europe, Chechnya, Central Asia, Af-Pak, Turkey, Syria, Libya, and Iraq. They have a desire to kill people, and often pose with mutilated heads.

Their main motivation is to spread a strict, demented, and backward interpretation of Islam, not retake stolen land from occupiers. They are criminal trespassers and invaders who are being covertly backed by the United States, Israel, France, Turkey, England, Jordan, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. They are way more fanatical than Hamas. They cannot be reasoned with because they want to expand their territory as much as possible, and will kill as many people as possible to achieve this objective.

ISIS is more like Israel than Hamas.

Dermer on Including Hamas in Govt: Is Solution for Iraq to Include ISIS in Govt? Source: Washington Free Beacon. Date Published: August 3, 2014.