July 23, 2014

The Slow-Motion Holocaust: Israel's Gameplan For Subduing Palestine

Yesterday's Victims Are Today's Monsters:
 Pictured: The biggest mass murderers and war criminals of the 21st century.

An excerpt from, "USrael Plans Genocide In Syria, Palestine, And The Middle East" July 26, 2012:
"But, apart from the battle for world public opinion, what is Israel's overall game plan for Syria, Iran, and the Palestinians? Israeli author Moshe Machover says that Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to wage an aggressive war against Iran because the resulting chaotic atmosphere in the region would allow Israel to ethnically cleanse Palestinians. Speaking to Philip Weiss of the popular website Mondoweiss, Machover said:
"This is part of the reason that Netanyahu is so adamant about resolving the Iranian issue by war, rather than diplomacy or siege; he wants a full out war, because whatever the actual consequences of the war regarding Iran, whether it will end Iran’s nuclear program—and by the way there is no proof that Iran is committed to production of nuclear weapons-- the opportunity will present itself for ethnic cleansing in the West Bank that will be a far more important result for him and far more desirable, than anything he can achieve with Iran itself." [3].
While the mad king of Israel is planning genocide in Palestine, the war criminals who lead the United States are supporting terrorism and ethnic cleansing in Syria and Libya. But, their crimes against humanity are being covered up under the umbrella terms of the "War on Terror," and the "Arab Spring."

Once we look past the fables of the War on Terror and the Arab Spring we can clearly see that USrael is in violation of international laws and the moral laws of mankind. It is a totally crazy ahistorical state that has left reality and humanity behind in its quest for total global dominance. If USrael has its way in the Middle East then Syrians, Afghans, Iraqis, Lebanese, and Iranians will all share the fate of the Palestinians."
Jewish and Gaza holocaust compared. Source: icommunitysydney. Date Published: November 19, 2012. Description:
Compare the Jewish Holocaust with the events in Gaza.
Any human being with a heart would see the oppression of innocent people during these eras.

Original work by: Orphelia Haragli