July 7, 2014

Prof. Robert Weiner: The Nature & Impact of WWI

Video Title: Prof. Robert Weiner: The Nature & Impact of WWI. Source: Lafayette College. Date Published: November 30, 2010. Description:
Robert Weiner, Jones Professor of History at Lafayette College, discusses "The Nature & Impact of World War I" for Alumni Summer College.
"It's Darwin to the reverse. It's not the survival of the fittest. The fittest go first. . . So what was decimated is the middle class. Everybody takes part, but it's a middle class war. There was no aristocrat who didn't lose a child, a cousin, a brother, a parent, a husband. No aristocrat who said I'm not going to fight. Oh, ok, they may have been officers, but even if they were majors they were still going to be close to the front. . .Lead the charge, blow the whistle. Any of you seen 'Paths of Glory' . . .Colonel Dax, the finest lawyer in France, what does he do when the battle begins? He stands up and blows the whistle, he leads the charge. And he's the finest lawyer in France. . . This is a counter-Darwinian war." - Prof. Robert Weiner.