July 5, 2014

Updates On Iraq [7.5]: Need For Jihad - Washington's Half-Hearted Pursuit of Islamic State In Iraq; Washington's Man In Syria Is A Lying Rat; So-Called Caliph Underperforms In First Public Appearance

The CIA and Jihadist terrorists: a generational partnership.

1. An excerpt from, "YPG Commander: Kurds in Syria ‘Deserve’ US Support" by Mutlu Civirogly, Rudaw, July 3, 2014:
To understand the latest attacks by ISIS in Iraq, you have to understand the background as well. ISIS was shaped by some powers about a year and a half ago to carry out their plans in Syria. ISIS isn’t a random Al-Qaeda organization. We have intelligence on them. There are documents that we acquired. There are also the statements taken from members we captured. When we put all these pieces together, we reached to the conclusion that ISIS was directed under the command of some intelligence services and their agents to implement the policies of certain states in Syria. The most recent developments, as well as what occurred earlier, prove that our theory is correct.   
A city like Mosul or some other cities in Iraq aren’t the types of places that a group can take overnight. It’s clear there have been preparations underway for a long time. There are various forces behind these preparations and behind those who launched these attacks. It’s impossible for a city like Mosul to fall under a group’s control without the intelligence apparatuses of international powers knowing it’s happening. Thousands of armed people get together, transfer their heavy artillery and move forward to attack a city like Mosul. It’s illogical that no one was aware of this. Mosul and Kirkuk constitute only one part of these attacks. These are attempts to divide the region in a different way. These are attempts to turn people, cultures, societies, beliefs and groups against each other. These are the attempts to drag the Middle East into a civil war — to have fighting and to create a quagmire. This will serve the interests of international powers, beginning with the arms trade.     
When they fought us, ISIS was using Turkey’s borders without the objecting of Turkish army and authorities; they were treating all of their wounded militants in Turkish hospitals. Some may say this is an allegation. However, we have official documents in our hands backing what I am saying. One of the ISIS commanders in our captivity said he was treated at Ceylanpinar Public Hospital for nine days.    
The fall of Mosul was an international conspiracy, for sure. The intelligence agencies of the governments of the US, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, Israel, Britain, France, and others were involved in planning this Jihadist-Baathist takeover from behind the scenes. Some Iraqis also conspired with them, whether for financial or political reasons.

But the fall of Mosul also has to be attributed to a massive failure of the Iraqi army, which was due to a combination of factors, including corruption at high-levels, politicization of military leadership by Maliki, and the lack of will of mainly Shiite divisions to fight in defense of a Sunni majority city. Residents of Mosul prior to these events said that the Iraqi army was emotionally unattached to them, and that they acted more like an occupying force that treated them like trash.

But Mosul could have been saved. There are reports that Maliki was warned by Mosul's governor, some of his own commanders, and the Kurdish Peshmerga about the threat to Mosul from Syria-linked radical Islamist militants but he rejected these warnings, as did the US. So both Baghdad and Washington only have themselves to blame for not acting sooner to stop ISIL. They allowed this problem to grow; the US and its allies did so willingly and knowingly for their own reasons; and Maliki did it because he is a tunnel-visioned, incompetent, stubborn dumb ass who has too big of a head for his own good.

This joke of a leader only offered conspiracy theories in the wake of the collapse of his army when he should have taken the oppourtunity to place blame on his own shoulders and taken a bit of the responsibility. Still, the funding and arming of ISIL in Syria was not his doing, and he warned a year ago that the chaos and violence in Syria would have a big impact on his country.

2. An excerpt from, "Jarba insists Iran behind rise of ISIS" by Misbah al-Ali, The Daily Star, July 4, 2014:
Syrian National Coalition President Ahmad Jarba said that the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) represented a serious threat to the entire Arab region and called on the international community to provide the opposition with weapons.

In a sit-down interview with The Daily Star in the Turkish city of Istanbul, Jarba stressed that the SNC’s position on ISIS “has been clear since day one: This is a tool being used by the Iranians and the Syrian regime, and it does not hesitate to murder, slaughter, and terrorize.”
He also said Hezbollah has not confronted ISIS in Syria, arguing this ran counter to the party’s justification for entering the Syrian battlefield – that is, to face jihadist groups.

“They [Hezbollah fighters] have resorted to killing our women, children, and elderly, and they have committed massacres, and we will never forgive them for this,” Jarba said.
Jarba the nut is a lying rat. He should stop speaking. He talks about "our women, children, and elderly" LOL. This retard can't even muster five percent of support in Syria while competing for public favour against a dynastic crime family. 

3. An excerpt from, "The ISIS caliph has appeared: stop the presses" by The Angry Arab, July 5, 2014:
When you bill yourself as a caliph you inevitably raise expectations.  And as the Arabic saying goes: the mountain went into labor and gave birth to a mouse.  What a lousy performance.  This is a guy who does better on radio than on TV.  And did you notice how sparsely populated the mosque on Friday is?  His speaking style is the typical ISIS leaders: where they pronounce the words by stressing certain letters according to recitation rules of the Qur'an.  He also exhibited the worst trait in an Arabic speaker especially one presenting himself as Caliph--no less: he appeared hesitant and lacking in self-confidence.  He also sounds like he has memorized the speech and is vomiting it from memory.  He also was confused: he did not know that he is being inaugurated as caliph and yet most of the speech he sounds like a mediocre Friday sermon speaker.
This US-installed Caliph should have taken speech training courses from the same instructor who taught Obama how to speak. Thunder shakes and mountains collapse when true and powerful leaders speak. This so-called Caliph has about as much charisma as Osama bin Laden did, who was supported by the US for nearly three decades, both before and after 9/11. Hopefully the same disease that that took OBL's life in late 2001 will also strike down this US-supported transnational Jihadist terrorist before he does any more damage.