July 28, 2014

Economic Collapse of US, Not Shitty Hamas Rockets, Will Finally Knock Some Sense Into Israel

Israel backed Hamas in the 80's at the same time that the US backed Osama bin Laden. But that was not the end of their terror-inducing ways. In this century they've armed, financed, and trained terrorists to fight in Syria, Iraq, Libya, and God knows where else.

If these insane and dishonest regimes want to defeat terrorism, how about stop nurturing it in the first place? Oh, that's right, these criminals have never been interested in defeating terrorism. There is too much at stake to actually win this fraudulent war. Fighting the war is winning for them.

Al-Qaeda was replaced by ISIS, the CIA made sure of that. Hamas will be replaced by an even more militant and aggressive group. Mossad is probably already working on this problem. And those who will suffer the most as a result of USrahell's cynical policies will be the people of Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, America, Israel, Europe, etc.

The solution to this mess is not shitty Hamas rockets, irrelevant global public protests, and ineffective boycotts directed at Israel. None of that will work. Such things will never catch the attention of USrahelli war criminals. They wouldn't care if there were 100,000 rockets flying down on Israel and 100,000 protests across the world calling for a permanent ceasefire.

The only real solution to the Israel-Palestine crisis and the larger Middle East mess is the economic collapse of the United States.

Peace in Palestine and the Middle East will only come about after the absolute destruction of the criminal and evil Federal Reserve System that is artificially propping up the charade called the economic recovery. That will end foreign aid to Israel, and CIA aid to ISIS terrorists in Syria and Iraq. Israel's stupid leaders will then no longer be able to commit crimes with impunity and then hide behind the giant. A bankrupt Washington means a world (mostly) at peace.

In the long run, economic collapse in the US will be beneficial both for America and the world. A wiser and stronger America will emerge from the collapse, with a freer and sounder economy. And a more peaceful and tolerant Middle East will come into being, Israel included, should it choose to behave normally, rationally, and respectfully.