July 7, 2014

Criminal American Officials Lose Their Minds Over Their Defeat In Syria, Compare Assad To Hitler

Stephen Rapp: Go fuck yourself, you stinking pile of dog shit. Nobody believes your lies about Syria.

An excerpt from, "U.S.: Assad’s ‘Machinery of Death’ Worst Since the Nazis" by Josh Rogin, The Daily Beast, July 7, 2014:
Tens of thousands of photographs showing the Syrian government’s torture, murder, and mass starvation of civilians in custody are evidence of the kind of systematic atrocities not seen since Hitler’s Nazi regime exterminated millions during World War II, according to the State Department’s top war crimes official.

Stephen Rapp, the State Department’s ambassador-at-large for War Crimes and director of the Office of Global Criminal Justice, has reviewed large sections of a huge collection of photos and written records of Syrian government atrocities smuggled out of the country by a former military photographer known as “Caesar.” Rapp spoke about the evidence at a July 3 event at the Atlantic Council in Washington.