July 6, 2014

Catastrophe 1914: Europe Goes to War - Max Hastings

Title: Catastrophe: Max Hastings. Source: Charleston Trust. Date Published: May 30, 2014. Description:
Catastrophe, Max Hastings' narrative of WW1 to the end of 1914, combines the grasp of a first class historian with a novelist's acute eye for human detail. His blend of vivid top-down and bottom-up testimonies, from a host of witnesses, linger in the imagination. Told with his customary pace, sense of landscape, battlefield knowledge and character portraits, Catastrophe tells the story of how Europe embarked on the first of the 20th century's global tragedies. Max Hastings is the author of 24 books and has had a distinguished career as a journalist.

Here is a shorter version of the lecture. Title: Global Ethics Forum: Catastrophe 1914: Europe Goes to War. Source: Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs. Date Published: March 18, 2014. Description:
We should break free of the cliché that World War I was futile, argues journalist and historian Max Hastings. "Germany in 1914, as ruled by the Kaiser and his generals and ministers, represented a malign force whose triumph had to be frustrated."