June 23, 2014

Washington's War In Iraq: A Noble Failure

Fruits of the noble failure: A stubborn sectarian despot who has backing from the Ayatollahs, a powerful transnational Jihadist terrorist group, destruction of ancient libraries and modern museums, hundreds of thousands of dead and many more injured, long-term environmental damage to lakes, rivers, and water systems, ongoing health catastrophes for Iraq's population, overall decline of quality leadership in key areas of society due to a massive brain drain, endless sectarian strife, etc.

From one point of view Washington's war in Iraq is a failure. But that would be naive. To the snakes in Washington what has happened in Iraq is a great and triumphant success. They wanted the total destruction of the country, and they got it. But, they're not done yet. Oh no. There are many more countries left to destroy. Pakistan, Iran, Lebanon, Yemen. The groundwork has already been laid.

The fairytale about the capture of Bin Laden on Pakistani territory was a signal to the world that Washington intends to destroy that country next because of its support for terrorism and "protecting" Bin Laden. While it is true that the insanely corrupt Pakistani government is not innocent in the diabolical war on terror, they have supported the Taliban in Afghanistan for decades for their own selfish reasons, but so has Saudi Arabia, with way more money.

But Washington will use the false story of Bin Laden's official death to advance their evil objectives in Pakistan, just as they used the WMD ruse to legitimize their criminal invasion of Iraq. Washington is seeking to disarm Pakistan of its nuclear weapons, while arming its perennial enemy, India, with nuclear weapons.

What do they hope to achieve with these crazy policies? The submission of Pakistan to India over Kashmir? The ability to credibly threaten China with Indian nukes, and sit back and laugh as millions of Indian and Chinese people die for the advancement of US interests in the Asia-Pacific? Anything is possible.

May God save humanity from the evil maniacs in Washington.