June 4, 2014

Updates On Libya: Hifter Survives Assassination Attempt, PM's Office Comes Under Attack

An excerpt from, "Libyan renegade general survives assassination attempt-sources" Reuters, June 4:
A Libyan renegade general survived an attempt to kill him outside Benghazi on Wednesday, army sources said.

A suicide bomber drove a Land Cruiser packed with explosives to the base of retired general Khalifa Haftar, his spokesman Mohamed El-Hejazi said, adding Haftar had not been hurt.
Title: Gunmen Fire Grenade At Libya PM's Office - TOI. Source: The Times of India. Date Published: June 4. Description:
Gunmen Fire Grenade At Libya PM's Office

Unidentified gunmen fired a rocket propelled grenade at the office of new Libyan Prime Minister Ahmed Maiteeq on Wednesday, one of his aides said.