June 26, 2014

The Globalization, Religionization, And Commercialization of The Crisis In Iraq

Video Title: Indian Shias get together an army to fight in Iraq to protect shrines. Source: Headlines Today. Date Published: June 25, 2014.

An excerpt from, "Inside the ISIS gift shop: Online jihadist spring/summer collection of T-shirts, hoodies and baseball caps shocks internet" by John Hall, Daily Mail, June 24:
Much of the jihadist clothing is sold on Indonesia-based websites, and appears to have been available to purchase for several months, according to Vocativ.

One online retailer, Zirah Moslem, has over 9,000 likes on Facebook and is in regular contact with the users of its page, who place orders by posting messages beneath photographs of the clothing while making no effort to conceal their identities.

One of the Indonesia-based websites selling Islamist clothing also offers cuddly toys of Isis fighters. The products are promoted as coming with a free sticker, in the clear hope of attracting young children.
An excerpt from, "Isis Hoodies and T-Shirts Go on Sale in Istanbul Shop" by Gianluca Mezzofiore, International Business Times, June 24:
Turkish supporters of the Islamist group can now buy a T-shirt or hoodie emblazoned with the group's black and white jihadist logo as well as flags and pennants used in rallies.

All the clothes sold in the shop comply with the Sharia rules imposed by Isis in Mosul after the group seized the Iraqi city in a swift attack earlier in June. Indeed the Isis clothes are carefully positioned beside the Sharia-compliant female dresses and veils.

The owner of the shop said he now wants to open branches in the Istanbul neighbourhoods of Esenler, Esenyurt, Güngören, Bahçelievler, Kaynarca, Pendik and Ümraniye according to the Milliyet news site.

The opening of the shop came after Vocativ reported that Isis clothing has been put on sale on Facebook. T-shirts, which are being sold on Indonesia-based websites, cost between s $7 and $13 [£3.30 to £6.10], and have been on sale for several months.