June 8, 2014

Sisi takes office in Egypt | Journal + Dancing in the streets of Cairo for Sisi

Morsi was called "the most important man in the Middle East" by Time Magazine just months before he was kicked out of office by the Egyptian people in concert with the Egyptian army. This is just another example that shows the media in the United States has lost touch with the world, and especially with events in the Middle East. Journalists should be treated like doctors. If they get it wrong once, let alone over and over again, then people should stop going back to them for their so-called expertise. Time Magazine, The New York Crimes, CNN, Al Jazeera, and other major media organizations have misled their audience about Syria, Libya, and Egypt too many times. As a result their analysis of the events in these countries and the region as a whole is not respected by anyone.

Sisi takes office in Egypt | Journal. Source: DW (English). Date Published: June 8.

Dancing in the streets of Cairo for Sisi. Source: Reuters. Date Published: June 8.