June 10, 2014

Iraqi Army Cannot Hold Iraq's Second Largest City; PM Nouri al-Maliki Declares National State of Emergency

To sum up, the Iraqi army abandoned their posts. Mosul falls. Hundreds of thousands of people escaped the city. And now Maliki has the perfect excuse he needs to declare a national state of emergency and grab power. A week ago he couldn't muster enough support from the country's political parties to form a coalition. Now he can call the shots. This situation can only go downhill.

This crisis was predictable and preventable. Jihadist terrorist groups based in Syria, filled with foreigners and mercenaries, have been covertly armed and assisted by the US, Britain, Turkey, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and puny, little Qatar for three and a half years to take down Assad. They failed to do that but they are now in control of Iraq's second largest city and look to expand their reign of terror. Maybe Assad's army should go to Mosul since they can actually fight.

Title: Iraq PM calls emergency after Mosul seized. Source: Al Jazeera. Date Published: June 10.

Title: Raw: Militants Fight Government Forces in Mosul. Source: AP. Date Published: June 10.