June 9, 2014

The International Community Should Urge The Obama Administration To Stop Supporting Al-Qaeda In Syria

The world stands against terrorism in Syria.

World public opinion is firmly opposed to terrorism in Syria and the further spread of the war to neighbouring countries.

The international and regional backers of Jihadist terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda include the United States, France, England, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey, and puny, little Qatar that has been punching above its weight class for a couple of years now.

Informed observers have known about Washington's clandestine support for Al-Qaeda in Syria for well over three years, ever since the war began. US officials have quietly used their military, financial, and propaganda resources to help Al-Qaeda spread terror in Syrian cities and destroy as many buildings, mosques, churches, schools, hospitals, and marketplaces as possible.

The destruction of Syria has always been Washington's sole aim in this three-year long war, and the maniacs who are attracted to the ideology of Sunni Islamic extremism serve as the perfect vehicle to accomplish this goal because they help distance international attention from the Obama administration's role in perpetuating this immoral and fruitless war.

Even in the face of "rebel defeat" in Syria which in reality is a moral, military, and political victory against Islamic extremism and Jihadist terrorism, US policy elites and politicians absurdly assert that Assad's days are numbered. They have lost their minds. Their predictions have not come true because their basic analysis of the situation in Syria is wrong. They have misjudged the Syrian people, the Syrian regime, and the ability of both to resist to foreign pressure via terrorists and mercenaries. The Obama administration's reading of the war is based on imperial wishes rather than actual facts about the military progress on the ground.

Polls conducted in the Middle East, Europe, and the United States show overwhelming public opposition to any US airstrikes against Syria, no matter the rationale. The people of the region understand that this won't be another Libya. US airstrikes against Syria will automatically lead to a larger war, and it will also create many more Syrian refugees, whose numbers have surpassed the number of Afghan refugees and are now the highest in the world.

So if Mr. Obama decides to go to war again he better have a good reason, and a real justification, not one that is made up to fit the occasion. Enough blood has been shed in Syria by Jihadist terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda. The international community must finally begin to pressure the Obama administration to stop supporting Al-Qaeda and other like-minded groups. The war in Syria won't end in any other way.