June 23, 2014

Fate of Indian workers at stake + Four Contenders to Replace Iraq's Nuri al-Maliki

Indian workers who are stranded in Iraq are being used as target practice in ISIL-controlled territory. The Iraqi army can't even protect their own asses, so the idea of them locating these hostages and rescuing them is not realistic at this point.

Video Title: Fate of Indian workers at stake. Source: Times Now. Date Published: June 23, 2014.

Video Title: Four Contenders to Replace Iraq's Nuri al-Maliki | Times Minute | The New York Times. Source: New York Times. Date Published: June 23, 2014.

LOL @ this list of Iraq's presidential contenders. One is a pro-Iranian torturer, the other is a con artist with no following, another has been described as incompetent and indecisive, which only leaves the economist who is mentioned first. No wonder Iraq is a mess. The only worse list of politicians in modern memory is the group of US politicians who ran for President in 2008 and 2012, with the exception of Dr. Ron Paul. There were the likes of Herman Cain, a pizza franchise owner who had no business even being ten steps from the White House, Rick Perry, a brain-fried cokehead who couldn't even remember his elementary speeches, and some others who don't even deserve to be mentioned. So it seems like Maliki is the best thing going right now in Iraqi politics. Removing him from power and replacing him with either one of these four guys will not fix Iraq's problems.