May 13, 2014

Terror In The Name of Anti-Terror: East Ukrainians Are Palestinians Now

Photo: People in east Ukraine stopping the progression of invading tanks sent by the criminals and usurpers in Kiev.

Informed commentators are drawing parallels between Kiev's recent aggression in eastern Ukraine and Tel Aviv's periodic acts of aggression in Gaza. Although the circumstances and the history of the conflicts are drastically different the aggressor's narrative in both cases is the same. The victims of military aggression are described as terrorists, and resistance fighters are blamed for the murder of civilians by the army.

Also, the presence of Israeli soldiers and Mossad commandos in the initial riots and clashes that toppled the legitimate and elected government in Kiev suggests that the usurpers are being advised not only by CIA and FBI agents but Mossad agents as well.

The only good news that has emerged from this fiasco is that the citizens in east Ukraine acted swiftly and peacefully under the leadership of Russia to terminate their ties from the maniacs who are presently running Kiev. The Palestinian struggle has dragged on for decades without success in the face of similar maniacal behaviour from Tel Aviv because they do not have a Russia to look to for leadership, political guidance, and diplomatic support.

From the Angry Arab blog:
Don't Ukrainian troops sound like Israeli terrorist occupiers? 
"Rebels accused the army of inflicting civilian casualties Monday; the Interior Ministry said rebels had taken shelter in residential areas, using civilians as human shields. It was not possible to independently confirm the assertions."
Video Title: Ukraine used UN-marked helicopters in fights in the East. Source: RT. Date Published: May 13, 2014.

Video Title: Ukrainian Citizens Trying to Prevent the Yatsenyuk Junta From Sending the Army to their Homes. Source: Global Research TV. Date Published: May 12, 2014.