May 27, 2014

No Peace, Not Even For The Dead: Israhell Goes One Step Too Far In Bedouin Village

Israhell does not even recognize basic ancient customs and human laws. It's not enough to kill your enemy, you must uproot him from his grave as well? That's the worst form of terrorism.

An excerpt from, "Israel to ‘evict the dead’ in Bedouin village demolished over 60 times" by RT, May 26, 2014:
Israel is trying out a new sort of “flexible evictions” in its quest to root out the “illegal” Bedouin village of Al-Araqib, demolished 63 times to date. Now even those buried in the village cemetery are reportedly receiving eviction orders.

The Arab Bedouin village, located in the arid Negev desert but still troubling the Israeli authorities ever since the first full-scale demolition in 2010, is dealing with its latest challenge: eviction orders for the deceased, rights activist Michal Rotem writes on +972 independent blog.

According to Rotem, who is a member of the joint Arab-Jewish group Negev Coexistence Forum for Civil Equality (NCF), eight eviction orders were placed on structures in the cemetery at Al-Araqib last Wednesday.

While receiving eviction orders is nothing new for the Bedouins, who for years have been defiantly rebuilding the unrecognized village, this time the recipients’ names could have sent chills down some spines. The orders were partly issued against those no longer living in the village – and buried in the cemetery, where the Israelis placed eviction notes.