May 11, 2014

A Mercenary's World: Blackwater & Al-Qaeda Are On The Same Team In Ukraine - #BringBackOurTerrorists

 Fresh from killing Syrian Christians in Syria, President Obama's Al-Qaeda terrorist mercenaries are now being deployed to Ukraine alongside Blackwater to kill Eastern Orthodox Christians. And yet the group's founder, Erik Prince, claims to be a Christian. These mercenaries and murderers, whether they claim to be Muslim or Christian, in reality have no faith, no country, and no conscience.

Blackwater and Al-Qaeda are on the same team in Ukraine. These lawless terrorist mercenaries will create chaos but they do not have the power to do much else. They will massacre many civilians and spread terror in eastern Ukraine to no avail. The will of the people there has already expressed itself in the referendum to separate from Kiev. The deluded political masters of these terrorist mercenaries in Washington and Saudi Arabia should apologize to the people of Ukraine now before this manufactured crisis explodes even further and leads to more deaths of innocent Ukrainians and Russians.

Suggested hashtag for Mrs. Michelle Obama: #BringBackOurTerrorists.
"In what is becoming a weekly ritual, the German press continues to demolish the US case of "idealistic humaniatrian" Ukraine intervention. Recall, that it was a week ago that German tabloid Bild am Sonntag, hardly the most reputable source but certainly one which reaches the broadest audience, reported that dozens of CIA and FBI agents were "advising the Ukraine government." This conclusion is hardly a stretch and certainly based on facts considering the recent semi-secret jaunt by CIA head Brennan to Kiev. Fast forward one week when overnight the same Bild reported that about 400 elite mercenary commandos of the private US security firm, Academi, f/k/a Xe Services, f/k/a Blackwater "are involved in a punitive operation mounted by Ukraine's new government" against east Ukraine separatists." - Zero Hedge, "400 Blackwater Mercs Deployed In Ukraine Against Separatists, German Press Reports," May 11, 2014/

"Videos have sprung on YouTube alleging that the US private security service formerly known as Blackwater is operating in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk. Western press is hitting back, accusing Russia of fabricating reports to justify “aggression.”

The authenticity of videos allegedly made in downtown Donetsk on March 5 is hard to verify. In the footage, unidentified armed men in military outfits equipped with Russian AK assault rifles and American М4А1 carbines are securing the protection of some pro-Kiev activists amidst anti-government popular protests." - RT, "‘Blackwater’ footage: Who are the mercenaries in Ukraine?" March 9, 2014.
"The rights of believers are violated in Ukraine as the coup-imposed authorities don’t want the Russian Orthodox Church in the country, archpriest Andrey Novikov, who left Ukraine to escape persecution by Kiev, told RT.

Novikov, who occupies the position of secretary of the eparchy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate in Odessa, was forced to flee to Moscow after he was approached by the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) in connection with the case of pro-Russian activist, Anton Davidchenko.

The Orthodox priest was invited to come to Kiev for questioning, with the investigator warning him that: “now you are a witness in this case, but maybe after the interrogation you may become a person under investigation.”

“It’s ridiculous,” the clergyman said, stressing that he knew Davidchenko , but never took part in pro-Russian rallies or promoted separatism in any other way." - RT, "‘Rights of believers are violated’: Orthodox priest flees Ukraine in fear" April 14, 2014.