April 23, 2014

Time Magazine's Media War On The Middle East's Christians

 Crime Magazine: Go Fuck Yourself.

Ulson Gunnar wrote on Facebook on April 17:
TIME Magazine decides to defile the struggle of Christians under siege by Western backed, funded & armed sectarian extremists across the Middle East in their latest article, "Christians and Tyrants: Why the Middle East's Persecuted Minority is Making Unholy Choices."

Back in reality, Christians back the military in Egypt and the government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria because they have protected them and other minorities for DECADES from the confused ideology of US-Saudi-Israeli backed extremists like the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, and the likes... 
An excerpt from, "Christians and Tyrants: Why the Middle East persecuted minority is making unholy choices" by Aryn Baker, Crime Magazine, April 10:
In February, the 20 or so Christian families still living in the northern Syrian town of Raqqa were given the same choice. The cost of protection is now the equivalent of $650 in Syrian pounds, a large amount for people struggling to make ends meet in a war zone. The other two options remain unchanged. This time the offer came from the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS), an extremist antigovernment group that seized Raqqa in May 2013 from more moderate rebel brigades and declared the town the capital of its own Islamic state.