April 4, 2014

Retarded UN Deputy Spokesperson: UN Has No Comment On Destruction of Kassab By US-Turkey-Saudi Backed Jihadist Terrorists


The UN does not like to acknowledge uncomfortable facts about the devastation in Kessab and is totally ignoring what is going on in northern Syria where Jihadist terrorist gangs and bloodthirsty foreign mercenaries are destroying churches, targeting minorities, forcing women to accept repressive dress codes, and generally causing misery, all under the military protection of Turkey and the political protection of Washington.

In the video below, the UN's deputy spokesperson dodges questions about the ongoing invasion and destruction of Kessab, Syria, a predominantly Armenian town. The population of Kessab is small, but it holds symbolic significance for Armenians. It is the site of the Adana massacre, which happened in April of 1909. About 20,000-30,000 Armenians were massacred by Ottoman-backed groups.

History is repeating itself. But this time the victims are fighting back. The terrorists and killers who have invaded Kessab from a multitude of foreign countries are being resisted with greater force.

The Armenians in northern Syria have four choices to defend themselves against the criminal mercenaries and Jihadist terrorists that are being backed by the US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Israel, France, England, and Qatar: 1) fight alongside Assad's troops, 2) fight alongside Hezbollah, 3) fight alongside the YPG, the PKK-affiliated Kurdish group that also includes Syriac Christians and Arabs,  and 4) create your own self-defense militias and kick out the mercenaries and terrorists.

Crawling to the UN for assistance in this situation is a dead man's move. It is ineffective because it is too scared to point out the basic truth about the nature of the events in Syria. It is abandoning the victims of terrorism in Syria. The video below is a perfect example of the UN's political cowardice.

Source of Video: Inner City Press. Date Published: April 3, 2014. Description:
Inner City Press on April 2 and 3 asked the UN's deputy spokesperson about Kassab, finally eliciting confirmation that a letter from Armenia's foreign minister to Secretary General Ban Ki-moon had been received, and a statement that more than a thousand residents of Kassab fled and registered in Latakia.

In Syria, Did US Friends or Foes Take Over Armenian Town Kassab?