March 7, 2014

US Progressives & Republicans Overreact To Crimea Referendum Vote On Separating From Kiev

The U.S. media, including so-called alternative online media outlets such as the laughable edutainment show "The Young Turks," are against self-determination for the people of Crimea. They believe recognizing and respecting human rights is less important in this case than sticking it to Russia.

There is nothing controversial or destabilizing about the people of Crimea voting to separate themselves from the new radical government in Kiev and going to Russia for protection and a better economic future. The government in Kiev is bankrupt, run by a coalition of US-managed political opportunists and neo-nazi forces, and to top it off, the jackals at the IMF are about to jump on the carcass.

Crimea is reacting to shocking and sudden developments in Kiev. They did not initiate this historic change. So it is completely rational, morally right, and politically natural for Crimea to say to Kiev, "Yeah, I think I'll have a better future over there, thank you. Good luck with the EU and the IMF."

All the U.S. media and politicians can do in this situation is look on and fuck off because the people of Crimea don't give a damn about what these assholes think. It's their future. It's their choice.