March 13, 2014

Ukraine's Post-Coup Interim Leader Meets With The Curse Upon Humanity In The White House

"I wrote a letter to Obama, and I told him that, in his name Barack, there is the word Baraka (blessing). However, when he sent all his fleet, it was to declare war. It was a curse! Between a curse and a blessing, there is a huge difference. " - Jacques Behnan Hindo, Archbishop of Hassakeh-Nisibi for the Syriac Catholics
What this Syrian Catholic bishop said is indeed true. President Barack Obama's new name is Curse Upon Humanity. President Curse Upon Humanity first sent his fleet to the Mediterranean to intimidate and threaten Syria based on the false pretext that Assad gassed his own people, and now he is sending his fleet to the Black Sea.

Here is an excerpt from, "U.S. Black Sea naval drills start near Crimea" by Angel Krasimirov, Reuters, March 12:
A joint exercise involving U.S., Bulgarian and Romanian naval forces in the Black Sea started on Wednesday just across the water from the Crimean Peninsula, where Russian military groups have seized control from Ukrainian authorities.

The United States says the naval exercises were planned before the crisis in Ukraine.
Video Title: Curse Upon Humanity: We stand with Ukraine. Source: CNN. Date Published: March 12.