March 7, 2014

Syrian Archbishop tells USA: Stop Murdering Syrians

Video Title: Syrian Archbishop tells USA: Stop Murdering Syrians. Source: Mussalaha Reconciliation. Date Published: March 2, 2014. Description:
This is an excerpt from an interview with the Archbishop of Hassakeh-Nisibi for the Syriac Catholics, Jacques Behnan Hindo, where he expresses his anger at Western foreign policy that has been actively backing hardline Wahhabi terrorists to topple the Syrian government while causing all Syrians to suffer as a result.
"I myself am not that much for the government. However, when I compare what awaits me with these people to what I have today, I say to myself: "I am doing very well today." And I wouldn't want to put Fabius in my place...when these people come and occupy the country. I do not want to see Fabius, Kerry, or the others. But they are not supposed to understand that, they will never be here. That's why they are screwing around. Excuse my expression. They are screwing all Syrians.

I wrote a letter to Obama, and I told him that, in his name Barack, there is the word Baraka (blessing). However, when he sent all his fleet, it was to declare war. It was a curse! Between a curse and a blessing, there is a huge difference. " - Jacques Behnan Hindo, Archbishop of Hassakeh-Nisibi for the Syriac Catholics. 
Barack Obama is a curse upon all of humanity. A great way to put it.