March 20, 2014

President Barack Obama & Ayatollah Khamenei: You Will Both Fall To Ashes Along With The Zionist Terrorists

President Obama and Ayatollah Khamenei: You Will Both Fall To Ashes Along With The Zionist Terrorists.

In his 2013 Nowruz message, President Barack Obama, aka the Curse Upon Humanity, made some wonderful statements, and some statements that were not so wonderful.

Reflecting on Iran's supposed isolation in the international community, Obama said, "Every day that you are cut off from us is a day we’re not working together, building together, innovating together — and building a future of peace and prosperity that is at the heart of this holiday." Good words, no doubt. But, near the beginning of a speech, Obama struck a more negative and harsh tone, falsely accusing Iran's leaders of seeking to build nuclear weapons. He said:
Iran’s leaders say that their nuclear program is for medical research and electricity. To date, however, they have been unable to convince the international community that their nuclear activities are solely for peaceful purposes. That’s why the world is united in its resolve to address this issue and why Iran is now so isolated. The people of Iran have paid a high and unnecessary price because of your leaders’ unwillingness to address this issue.
This is a clear and utter lie by Obama. There is no evidence that Iran's nuclear program is dedicated to the building of nuclear weapons. Obama knows this. Such a move would be counter-productive to the regime's strategic calculus and religious convictions against the use of weapons of mass destruction.

This is not a defense of the nature of the regime, it is ungodly and unjust in many ways, above all to its own people, but Obama is wrong to use this special holiday as an occasion to falsely accuse Iran's leaders of a deed they have not committed. The nuclear issue is really a non-issue, but it has been deceitfully used by Obama to legitimize his administration's illegal regime change policy.

Instead of injecting lies with sweet words in special messages to peoples and nations abroad, President Obama should instead hold his tongue and not speak at all.

But at least Obama has the basic human decency to mark the holiday of Nowruz, his counterpart in Iran has banned public festivities during the holiday on the false grounds that they produce "harm and corruption." What bullshit.

So it is totally appropriate on this day to tell both President Obama and Ayatollah Khamenei to go fuck themselves. America, Iran, and the world do not need their lies, their lecturing, and their failed leadership. America and Iran both deserve better.