March 21, 2014

3 Videos: Freedom of Expression in Syria + Battle of Yabroud - Hezbollah's Decisive Victory in Syrian War + Syria in Our Sights

Ban Ki-Moon and Brahimi have proven to be ineffective peacemakers in Syria and need to be replaced by more balanced, honest, and trustworthy international figures. Oh, wait, there are none, nevermind. The international community lacks real and independent diplomats who can resolve deep conflicts fairly and justly. So the world is stuck with these two clowns.

The Assad regime does not deserve to survive, but it will as long as Israel, the United States, and Europe continue to menace the Syrian people and threaten the country with total destruction via their sponsorship of Al-Qaeda and other branches of transnational Jihadist terrorism.

Syrians are stuck between a rock and a hard place, having to choose between stability under Assad's suffocating rule or widespread chaos and religious tyranny that defines the rule of foreign-backed, culturally primitive terrorists in the regions that they hold.

Unfortunately, the legitimacy of the Assad regime has increased steadily throughout this period of wartime. The Syrian army has so far successfully resisted foreign plots, external terrorists, US threats, and Israeli provocations. Assad's popularity with the Syrian public is undeniable.

Back in May 2013, World Tribune reported on NATO polling results that show Assad's approval ratings at 70 percent, compared to only 10 percent for the opposition fighters, many of whom are not Syrians. Here is an excerpt:
NATO has been studying data that told of a sharp rise in support for Assad. The data, compiled by Western-sponsored activists and organizations, showed that a majority of Syrians were alarmed by the Al Qaida takeover of the Sunni revolt and preferred to return to Assad, Middle East Newsline reported.

“The people are sick of the war and hate the jihadists more than Assad,” a Western source familiar with the data said. “Assad is winning the war mostly because the people are cooperating with him against the rebels.”

Video Title: Freedom of Expression in Syria. Source: Attorneys Without Borders. Date Published: March 20, 2014. Description:
In this video a Syrian refugee describes the current situation in Syria with regards to freedom of expression and speech. He explains that if you have an opinion that is against the regime, your life and the life of your family is in real danger. He knows people that have been tortured and killed because they have spoken out against the violence. His own nephew was tortured so severely that he has been left psychologically scared and permanently bruised. Suppression of freedom of speech is far too common. The harsh reality is that for many freedom of expression remains a distant dream.

Video Title: Battle of Yabroud - Hezbollah's Decisive Victory in Syrian War. Source: TheKeysToEternity. Date Published: March 18, 2014.

Video Title: Syria in Our Sights. Source: Allen Scott. Date Published: March 20, 2014. Description:
This short documentary, both expressive and interview-based, grapples with the question of Syria. American filmmakers set out to ask local Syrian Americans what they thought of American involvement in Syria as a way of trying to understand the conflict in Syria themselves. What they got was a diversity of response. This documentary expresses their trek through this territory. Shot on location in Jacksonville Florida in the fall of 2013.