February 6, 2014

US Media, DJI, And TSA: Stop Fear-Mongering About The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

The TSA is banning carry-on liquids on flights heading to Russia because the geniuses over at the Department of Jokeland Insecurity believe that "terrorists could target the Olympic Games with explosive components hidden in toothpaste tubes" (Source). We're supposed to believe that toothpaste bombs are flying around?

Come on, stop this stupidity and silliness. Stop the fear-mongering about the Sochi Olympics. The athletes have decided not to bring their families because of the mainstream media's blatant and illogical fear-mongering about the games. The US media is ruining this once in a lifetime experience for the athletes.

We're all on the same team come Olympic time. It's only two weeks, for Christ's sake, so can you put away the propaganda jargon for just that small period of time?

Stop the propaganda against Russia. Stop the fear-mongering. Stop trying to change Russia's laws and Russian society. The Cold War ended 25 years ago. Grow up you idiotic children who run the US media and government. Stop trying to blacken the Olympics just because they are being held in Russia. Moscow is not a mortal threat to the West, this is 2014, not 1964. Grow the fuck up and stop putting out stupid propaganda.