February 16, 2014

Updates On Syria [2.16]: Brahimi Apologizes To The Syrian People For Geneva II Failure, Israhell Treats Jihadist Terrorists Wounded In Syria

1. An excerpt from, "Brahimi's apology" by Clovis Maksoud, Al-Monitor, February 16:
Prompting Brahimi’s apology to the Syrian people was the “process” of both Geneva I and II, which constituted motion without movement — a precise description of the futility that characterized these so-called negotiations.

The deadlock of the two Syrian parties should provide an impetus to act jointly, not just as power brokers for a speedy solution, but to uphold the doctrine of responsibility to protect civilians and coordinate with the United Nations to effectively end the growing humanitarian tragedy and excessive suffering of the Syrian people.

Brahimi’s apology must become a catalyst for putting an end to the deadlock, so that the human conscience does not remain a noble abstraction, but instead creates a path to authentic reconciliation.
Fuck your apology Mr. Brahimi. If this guy was a serious, honest, and respectable international negotiator in this war he would not need to issue an apology to those suffering in Syria at this stage. Do good in your position, or fuck off, retire, and stop acting as if you are some elder statesman in the international area. You're not fooling anybody with your words and apologies Brahimi, so, please, do us all a favour, save your breath, and get off the international stage you useless tool.

2. An excerpt from, "Revealed: how Syrian rebels seek medical help from an unlikely source in Israel" by Phil Sands and Suha Maayeh, The National, February 12:
When a rebel was shot and severely wounded during a new offensive on Syria’s southern front, his colleagues knew the only hope of saving his life was to get him to Israel.

The rebels called their contact on the Syrian side of the frontier, a man known as Abu Nidal, who had a phone given to him by the Israelis to facilitate emergency border crossings.

Abu Nidal called Israeli forces, which put an ambulance on standby and the rebels took the injured fighter to a crossing point and left him there.

After the rebels pulled back, Israeli soldiers checked the patient for booby-traps and weapons, and then whisked him over the border and rushed him to hospital.

This scenario from last week has played out more than 200 times in the past six months, rebels in southern Syria said.
Israhell: Go fuck yourself. No, seriously, go fuck yourself.