February 10, 2014

UN Is In The Line of Fire In Syria: Foreign-Funded Terrorists Continue To Exploit Internal Chaos And International Grandstanding

Video Title: Ceasefire shattered: UN aid convoy attacked in Syria. Source: euronews. Date Published: February 9. Description: 
A UN convoy found itself under fire as it attempted to deliver aid to the besieged city of Homs in Syria.

Nine vehicles were blocked for several hours. The Syrian Arab Red Crescent said mortar fire landed near one of their trucks wounding one of their drivers and other reports indicate four paramedics were also injured.

Despite the holdup, the Red Cross managed to deliver aid to 3,000 residents in the rebel-held Old City which has been under siege for the last 18 months.
All the defenders of the UN in the Obama administration, statespersons like Susan Rice and Samantha Power, never raise their voice when the so-called Syrian opposition aim their rockets and guns at UN convoys and aid workers.

If countries are going to send these global public servants into urban war zones, shouldn't they at least provide minimal security for them? Every other day you hear that a UN aid convoy was attacked in Syria. Why doesn't the UN hire a mercenary company to defend its people against the US-Saudi-Turkish backed Jihadist terrorists in Syria? If the UN doesn't have the money for that then it should at the very least reach out to the Syrian government and other sane parties in this conflict and ask for protection.

The Syrian army should provide it best units to help secure the UN aid workers. That is the best way to reaffirm its international legitimacy.