February 24, 2014

Ousted Ukraine president on the run (Source: CNN)

Ousted Ukraine president on the run.

K-OS (ft. Saukrates) - On The Run [Official Music Video]. Source: NettwerkMusic.

Assad didn't flee Syria under Western/US pressure because real leaders don't. The ex-president of Ukraine obviously wasn't a real leader.

And fuck CNN. What a trashy propaganda report. Focusing on the wealth of Ukraine's leader? Really? Find a better way to demonize someone. Still, it's important to see the bullshit on television from time to time to see where the mainstream news culture is at. With one quick look it's clear that standards have fallen. It's nauseating to look at any Olympics news coverage. All you get is Putin-bashing and Russia-bashing.

RT is the same, only they bash the West and America. I caught a glimpse of an RT reporter criticizing Kansas for its treatment of gays. LOL. This is some pathetic propaganda broadcasting. Both the Western media and the Russian media need to stop making reports as if their viewers are total idiots who don't get their news from multiple and contradictory sources. This isn't your daddy's Cold War. In the 21st century, propaganda is harder to sell, so just stick with the facts, and respect your viewers. Stop with the nonsense.