February 28, 2014

First Video of Chemical Weapons Being Transported Out of Syria

There was a compromise made in Syria. Will there be a compromise in Ukraine? The precedent has been set with the decision to remove Syria's chemical weapons, so it's not a stretch to say that, tough talk and shows of bravado aside, the United States and Russia will both come to their senses and stop the escalation in Ukraine.

Video Title: First Video of Chemical Weapons Being Transported Out of Syria. Source: NTDTV. Date Published: February 28, 2014.
Norwegian Armed Forces release video of the first run to remove chemical weapons from Syria.

Full Story:

This is the first video that's been released of the Danish-Norwegian Task Force transporting chemical weapons out of Syria.

Filmed in January, it shows the international mission's first operation overseeing the removal...and then destruction of Syria's toxic arsenal.

The troops on this Norwegian frigate keep a lookout while the Danish naval vessel escorts the chemical cargo into the Syrian Harbour of Latakia and then out of the country.

It's a dangerious job. Authorities reported on Friday that there had been two attempted attacks on Syrian convoys late last month.