February 27, 2014

Caspian Report: Tymoshenko's return to Ukrainian politics

Video Title: Tymoshenko's return to Ukrainian politics. Source: Caspian Report. Date Published: February 27, 2014. Description:
When Yanukovich came to power in 2010, he led the charge against Timoshenko for abuse of power. The accusation was that her energy negotiations with Russia were based on her personal interests, and there is certainly some truth to the story. I personnally think that both Yanukovich and Timoshenko had huge corrupt dealings. But in essence this was a politicelly motivated trial, because Yanukovich nullified his political opponent. And what happened next is even more important, European leaders rallied behind Timoshenko and condemned it as political persecution. And many of Europe's biggest media entrerprises depicted Timoshenko as a pro-Western hero, when in fact she never was pro-West, for that matter she wasnt pro-Russian either. But there is a gap between the reality and her iconic portrayal in the media.