January 22, 2014

Syrian Foreign Minister Wallid Muallem To UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon: Syria Always Keeps Its Promises

Ban Ki-moon: Dance for your masters in D.C. and then get off the stage. That is your only job.

An excerpt from, "Syria's Foreign Minister clashes with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon at peace conference," The Sydney Morning Herald:
Ban: Can you just wrap up in one or two minutes? 
Moallem: No, I can't promise you, I must finish my speech. ... You live in New York, I live in Syria. I have the right to give the Syrian version here in this forum. After three years of suffering, this is my right. 
Ban: We have to have some constructive and harmonious dialogue, please refrain from inflammatory rhetoric. 
Moallem: It is constructive, I promise you, let me finish. 
Ban: Within 2-3 minutes please. I will give you another opportunity. 
Moallem: You spoke for 25 minutes, at least I need to speak 30 minutes. 
A few minutes later, Mr Ban interrupts again. Mr Moallem says he has one sentence left, to which Mr Ban responds by asking him to keep his promise. 
"Syria always keeps its promises," Mr Moallem replied, triggering approving laughter from the Syrian government delegation behind him and a wry grin from Mr Ban.
Syria's warring sides urged to end bloodshed at Geneva II. Source: AFP. Date Published: January 22.