January 13, 2014

'Ceasefires possible in areas of Syria', says John Kerry [Source: Euronews]

"Ceasefire" must be socialized into the mindset of every party to this conflict. Each for its own reasons will see this as a "win" if it is framed properly." - Dr. Marc Gopin, "'Ceasefire' Is the Syria Word We Need to Hear", Huffington Post, January 2.

A quote by Dr. Thomas Daffern,  director of the UK-based International Institute of Peace Studies and Global Philosophy, talking about a ceasefire in Syria:
"What I'm calling for is a ceasefire, a unilateral, universal ceasefire in Syria by all parties. But it's a mental or spiritual ceasefire I'm calling for first. We're not going to get the guns put down until the minds are changed, until the hearts are changed. What I'm talking about in this brief little presentation is the metaphysical and psychological preconditions for a physical ceasefire. Let politicians and military people work out that. I'm calling for everyone with a conscience, and with a functioning mind and heart, and brain, to work on that mental ceasefire." - Dr. Thomas Daffern [Source].
Title: 'Ceasefires possible in areas of Syria', says John Kerry. Source: Euronews. Date Published: January 13.