December 3, 2013

Updates On Syria [12.3]: World And Regional Powers Block Kurdish Aspirations For Independence At Geneva, UN Discredits Itself By Labeling Assad A War Criminal, Qatar Changes Policy On Syria

1. An excerpt from, "The War in Rojava has Carried Over to Geneva" by Ferda Çetin, The Rojava Report, December 2:
The war in Rojava is coming to an end. In this war Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar openly supported al-Qaeda; the United States and the EU openly supported the Free Syrian Army. However this broad alliance has suffered a strategic defeat at the hands of the YPG.

After the victory Kurds proclaimed self-administration while asserting their control over Rojava. At just this point the United States, the Turkish State and the KDP began a war to neutralize the agents of these developments – the Kurdish High Council and the PYD – in the political field. Activities to discredit and slander the PYD’s legitimacy are still continuing in different forms. It is worth investigating the recently published report of ‘Reporters without Borders’ – an organization with its headquarters in France – as just one part of this slander campaign. This report claims that the Assad Regime, al-Qaeda and the PYD are obstacles to democracy and oppressing the people in Syria. They are painting the PYD, the regime and al-Qaeda gangs all with the same brush.

While there was no sign of popular support as the “Emirates” and the “Islamic State or Iraq and Syria” were being proclaimed in Damascus, Aleppo, Raqqa, Hama, Haseke and Lazkiye, the Kurdish people rose up together at the proclamatıon of a temporary administration. Those who have lost the shooting war against the Kurds now want to continue this war in Geneva.

The United States, Great Britain, France, Turkey and Iran are all showing their opposition to the legitimate representation of Rojava Kurds, whether by themselves or together with other powers, at the Geneva meetings. They are trying to keep the political leadership  - who in the war in Rojava have defended the Kurdish people and the other peoples living there, and who for this cause have given hundreds of lives, and who are today organizing life there – out of the meetings. Internatıonal powers claiming to want a political solution to the civil war and fighting in Syria, want to bypass the actual representatives of the Kurdish people and create a “solution” with their own partners.
The United States and the Islamic Republic of Iran both stand against liberty? Interesting. But not surprising. It was Washington, after all, that supported Khomeini's revolution in its initial phases by, among other things, joining in the conspiracy to take American hostages at its embassy which empowered both Khomeini and Reagan's CIA handlers, and radicalized both societies. America and the Islamic Republic of Iran are both tyrannies, that is the truth of the matter. So for them to stand shoulder to shoulder against Kurdish aspirations for freedom and statehood in Syria should surprise no one.    

2. An excerpt from, "Syria's Bashar Assad implicated in war crimes, U.N. rights chief says" by Raja Abdulrahim, LA Times, December 2:
Syrian President Bashar Assad is implicated in war crimes and crimes against humanity in the country's ongoing civil war, the United Nations' human rights chief said Monday.

A U.N. panel of experts, which has been investigating abuses in Syria, has gathered a "massive" amount of evidence indicating such crimes were committed, said Navi Pillay, the U.N. high commissioner for human rights.

"The evidence indicates responsibility at the highest level of government, including the head of state," Pillay said at a news conference in Geneva.

The charge came as a Syrian opposition human rights group said that nearly 126,000 people had been killed since the beginning of the uprising against Assad's government in 2011. The dead include more than 44,000 civilians, according to the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which tracks daily casualty tolls in the country.
The UN is the biggest joke in the world. It actually believes it has the moral authority, legal sovereignty, and spiritual power to pronounce judgments on matters of war and peace. Nothing could be further from the truth. Assad is not a war criminal. The UN saying so does not change that basic truth. The representatives of the UN must know by now that the world does not take their declarations about anything related to Syria or any conflict in the Middle East seriously. The UN's declaration of Assad as a war criminal has no political, moral, social, spiritual, or military effect on the reality on the ground in Syria. So this changes nothing.

And the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights cannot be relied on to provided accurate numbers. It is a one-man operation, "it is merely a single man, sitting behind a computer in a British apartment, who alleges he receives "phone calls" with information always incriminating the Syrian government, and ever glorifying the "Free Syrian Army" (Source: Land Destroyer).

3. An excerpt from, "Iran, Turkey coordinating moves as Assad plans next stage in Syria" by Zvi Bar'el, Haaretz, December 3:
Turkey is not the only country that is re-examining its policies towards Syria. According to reports from Lebanon, Qatar has announced that it will desist from supporting Islamist groups there and will contribute $20 billion for the reconstruction of Syria, whichever regime comes out on top there. Qatar has not confirmed or denied these reports and is still vehemently attacking Assad, but given its desire to consolidate its relations with Iran, it is doubtful whether it can continue with its anti-Syrian policies.

Some Lebanese observers have even commented that Qatar’s new leader, Emir Tamim Al-Thani, has exchanged letters with Assad recently, with Qatar expressing its wish to “return to Syria,” in contrast to the previous Qatari leadership, which adopted a highly belligerent anti-Syrian stance.
LOL @ Qatar. It has no principles, no strategic vision, no political ideas that it stands for. The fact that this gas station even has a foreign policy is a slap to the face of the human race.