December 17, 2013

Updates On Syria [12.17]: Hezbollah Comes Under Attack, Kurds In Syria Agree To Form New Union Ahead of Geneva II, Jihadist Terrorist Groups Execute 80 Civilians Because Of Their Religion

1. An excerpt from, "Car Bomb Hits Hezbollah Stronghold in East Lebanon" AP, December 17:
The National News Agency said in its report that the explosion occurred about two kilometers (mile) away from a Hezbollah center on the road between Sbouba and Wadi Abu Mousa. The car bomb was "intercepted" at a Hezbollah checkpoint and exploded after members of the checkpoint fired on it, the report said. It was unclear if the car detonated from the gunshots or if the driver set off the explosion. 

The NNN said there were multiple casualties and that ambulances were rushing to the area, which was sealed off by the militant group. 

Hezbollah's participation in the civil war in Syria is highly divisive and unpopular in Lebanon, where many feel it has deviated from its original purpose of fighting Israel and that it has exposed the Shiite community to retaliation. 
The group's open support of Assad has enraged Sunnis and left it with no shortage of enemies eager to strike at its strongholds and leadership. Dozens of people have been killed in deadly car bombings claimed by radical Sunni groups
Whenever you read "radical Sunni groups" think CIA, Mossad, MI6. These are the murderers who are behind these attacks, but they hide under the cover of Al-Qaeda, and other made up names of Sunni groups and brigades that are carrying out attacks on civilians in Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Lebanon, and across the Middle East.

Hezbollah is not fighting in Syria to defend Assad, but to defend its existence, because once Assad is out of the picture Israel and the US will start heading in Hezbollah's direction. In fact, that plan has already been put into effect with the assassination of a leading Hezbollah figure by Israel earlier this month. These events are not retaliations by Sunni fighters for Hezbollah's involvement in Syria, these guys can't even shoot their guns properly, let alone be able to mastermind assassinations of top figures in Hezbollah.

2. An excerpt from, "Syrian Kurds welcome agreement on Geneva II" by Wladimir van Wilgenburg, Al-Monitor, December 16:
According to a statement by the rebels of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), Kurdish President Massoud Barzani’s Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the PKK have reached an agreement to unite Syria's Kurds for the upcoming Geneva II conference on Jan. 22 and will revive an earlier agreement by the Kurdish parties of Syria, after months of conflict. On Dec. 17, the Syrian Kurdish parties will have a bilateral meeting.

The agreement comes after the Kurdish parties realized disunity would harm their achievements in Syria and therefore started to negotiate. However, there is no official agreement yet between the Kurdish parties from Syria, and the KDP and PKK have different policies toward Syria and Turkey. The PKK and Turkey have been in conflict for years, while Barzani is trying to build relations with Turkey.
The United States and Turkey won't be pleased with this new development. It is a huge step for the Kurds in Syria to unify and attend Geneva II as one people with a shared vision of the future. It's interesting to see what tactics the West and Turkey come up with to sabotage the PYD's territorial and military gains in northern Syria against foreigners and Jihadists.

The newly formed Islamic Front, backed by the US, Turkey, England, France, and Saudi Arabia, won't be used to just fight Assad but the PYD and the Kurds as well. If the NATO-Turkish army invades Syria in the near future they will ignore Assad and attack the Kurds. So far, they have outsourced this job to Al-Qaeda and other Jihadist terrorist groups.

3. An excerpt from, "Syrian Islamists Execute 80 Druze, Alawites and Christians in Adra" by Jason Ditz,, December 16:
The brief rebel-offensive against the Damascus suburb of Adra, and the Syrian military is once again in control. As usual, it was the civilians that bore the brunt of the clash, with reports of mass kidnappings and 80 civilians executed by the rebels before they were ousted.

The rebels, identified as al-Qaeda’s Jabhat al-Nusra faction by locals, began targeting Druze, Alawite and Christian residents early on in the siege of the city, kidnapping them en masse.

The military insisted that the rebels were using the kidnapped as human shields, but locals say that by and large they were just executed outright, and that when the kidnappings began, many members of the religious minorities hid in their basements, waiting for the rebels to leave.
These are not "rebels." This word does not define these savages. These are basically Nazis who murder the weak and the persecuted because they are not capable of defeating Assad's army. And the US is working with them. Turkey is working with them. Israel is working with them. Saudi Arabia is working with them. England is working with them. France is working with them. All of these governments are supporting Al-Qaeda terrorists with money, training, arms, and media propaganda.