December 12, 2013

Pope Francis named Person of the Year by Time Magazine

Can you smell what The Pope is cooking?

Pope Francis is an excellent politician, and a great spiritual teacher. He became a good pope the moment he chose the name Francis. The fact that he is unnerving so many people means he is doing a good job at breaking ideological, social, political, and cultural barriers.

Here is an excerpt from, "Pope Francis Is Not Liberal Or Conservative: He is Prophetic" by Tom Krattenmaker:
Prophetic is probably the best word for the role the pope is playing -- not in the sense of predicting the future, but of standing outside of business and politics as usual and speaking hard and inconvenient moral truths.

Has someone gotten to the pope, as Limbaugh suggests? Yes, actually. Jesus Christ apparently has. So when a news media figure such as Varney blasts Francis for wanting "to influence my politics," one has to ask who's really bringing politics to the discussion about Pope Francis. We'll probably find the answer not in the Vatican but in the mirror.
Pope Francis named Person of the Year by Time Magazine. Source: romereports.

Pope Francis Time's "Person of the Year." Source: CNN.