December 3, 2013

PM Netanyahu Meets Pope Francis at the Vatican

A meeting with the Pope? Oh, how wonderful. Israel has officially arrived.

Time Mag- "Israeli Leader Meets Pope Francis: Netanyahu presented the pontiff with a book about the Spanish inquisition".

Colonel Patrick Lang:
"IMO, "passive-aggressive" would be a good description of the behavior here on both sides. Francis gave Bibi a plaque commemorating St. Paul who was a Roman citizen and a Jew and Bibi presented a Spanish translation of his father's major book on the Spanish Inquisition and the RC Church's inherent responsibility for what the Spanish government did.

Having said that both gifts were not really friendly, IMO Bibi's "gift" is truly representative of his attitude towards the larger world and toward gentiles in general.

The message is clear. - We are long oppressed and YOU, all of you, cannot be trusted . This includes the US, actually it is especially about the US because American support sustains Israel's existence. Therefore we must dominate your political process and culture to force you to do what we need. This is illegal? So what.? You do it to other countries. Your collective guilt requires your acquiescence."
Video Title: PM Netanyahu Meets Pope Francis at the Vatican. Source: IsraeliPM. Date Published: December 2.