December 5, 2013

NATO And Al-Qaeda: A Partnership Made In Hell

NATO member Turkey is serving as a sanctuary for Al-Qaeda. America doesn't mind because it created Al-Qaeda.

Turkey is a sanctuary for Al-Qaeda more than Afghanistan ever was, before or after the false flag September 11 attacks. This is a fact that cannot be dismissed with the tactic of ridicule.

Whether or not this reality is admitted by official circles in Washington, Brussels, and Ankara does not matter because truth always triumphs over propaganda. History has proven this time and time again.

No amount of official denials, media blackouts, slanders, character assassinations, etc, can hide the truth that America, Turkey, and other members of NATO are aiding Al-Qaeda in Syria against both the regime and the country's many religious and ethnic minorities, from Syriac Christians to Kurds, from Turkmens to neutral Arab tribes.

Will America declare war on the Turkish terrorist state for harboring these self-righteous Jihadist terrorists who raise the black flag of Al-Qaeda on the graves of their victims? No, why would it? America has been in league with Al-Qaeda since before there was an Al-Qaeda. The name changes, but little else. America gave birth to this dark monster out of its own womb, raised it to maturity in the 1980s and 1990s, then unleashed it upon the peoples of Central Asia, and now the peoples of the Levant, Anatolia, and Kurdistan.

Everywhere Al-Qaeda goes the hand of America is there to direct it and prop it up. Nations where Al-Qaeda has emerged such as Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, and Yemen are targets of the war criminals in Washington. If Washington wants to invade or bomb Brazil next it will simply say Al-Qaeda is hiding in the Amazonian jungles and rainforests.

These clever little tricks have outlived their time. America, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, France, and England will fail in their cynical utilization of Al-Qaeda in Syria and everywhere else. They should stop now before they do any more damage to the peoples of Central Asia, the Levant, Anatolia, and Kurdistan, as well as to themselves and their own nations.

Al-Qaeda is not an ally, it is a cancer, and by attaching themselves to this cancer in the hope that they can control and direct its movements in line with their wishes, the governments of America, Saudi Arabia, France, Turkey, and England are merely injuring themselves. Relying on terrorism to advance your stated and unstated objectives, whether pure or not, is a sign of moral and intellectual bankruptcy.