November 10, 2013

Update on Syria: Pakistan Is Exporting The Taliban To Syria, Under Saudi Tutelage

Saudi Arabia and Pakistan: Stop exporting Jihadist terrorists to Syria.

An excerpt from, "Washington’s World: November 11th – November 17th, 2013" Swoop:
Although the drone killing of Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud was widely welcomed inside US intelligence circles, other Administration officials see the implications for relations with Islamabad as more disquieting. As the 2014 date for the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan approaches, President Obama remains determined not to be drawn into what he sees as an unlimited residual commitment to guarantee Afghan government stability against the Taliban. A key aspect of achieving this aim lies in an accommodation with the Taliban in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. With the appointment of Mullah Fazlullah – who is regarded as an extreme hardliner – as Mehsud’s successor, peace prospects have taken step backward. Indeed some US intelligence observers now believe that training may take place in Pakistan of fighters to be sent to Syria to support Al-Qaeda linked factions there.
An excerpt from, "Saudi-Pakistani new alliance to topple Syrian government" Alalam, November 7:
Saudi Arabia, one of the biggest spenders of the foreign-sponsored war in Syria is turning to Pakistan to train militants, repeating a partnership that once failed in Afghanistan, a new report says.

The Foreign Policy Magazine wrote in an article on Thursday that Saudi Arabia is embarking on a major new effort to train Syrian rebel forces.

The article cites three sources with knowledge of the program that say Riyadh has enlisted the help of Pakistani instructors to do it.

According to the sources Pakistan could be given the responsibility for training about 5,000-10,000 militants from two brigades.
Pakistan: You will regret this. Keep your nose out of other people's countries and affairs. Training and sending the Taliban and al-Qaeda to Syria is a massive crime against humanity. These terrorist groups are targeting and violating the rights of religious and ethnic minorities. You should start providing electricity to your people and stop exporting Jihadist terrorists to other lands.