November 4, 2013

Turkey's Leader Backs Al-Qaeda Terror Groups, Then Warns Syria Could Become The "Mediterranean Afghanistan"

American President Barack Hussein Obama stands with Turkish President Abdullah Gul.

An excerpt from, "Syria becoming 'Mediterranean Afghanistan': Turkey president," AFP, November 3:
Syria could become a "Mediterranean Afghanistan" if the international community does not act to end its civil war, Turkish president Abdullah Gul warned in an interview published by the Guardian on Sunday.

Gul, who was speaking to the British newspaper during a visit to the Scottish capital Edinburgh, called the world's response "very disappointing" and said the UN Security Council's reaction had been a "disgrace".

He argued that many of the war's casualties could have been avoided if the outside world had reacted strongly to President Bashar al-Assad's crackdown against rebel forces, which he warned were now in danger of becoming radicalised.
Syria is becoming the "Mediterranean Afghanistan" precisely because the Turkish government is sheltering and aiding Jihadist terrorists that hail from Libya, Tunisia, Pakistan, and elsewhere.

This piece of shit is openly supporting Al-Qaeda terrorists, and then goes over to Europe to warn the clueless European public that the Syrian opposition is becoming radicalized. Yeah, because your government is feeding that radicalization by sheltering disease-ridden Jihadist terrorists, fucking prick.